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ESP Discharge Electrode

Discharge Electrode is recognized as the heart of the ESP. The working of the mentioned electrode is similar to the functions of combustion engine. A spark is initiated in both the instances, however in ESP takes place because of a powerful chemical reaction. It is primarily used for supplying initial energy that helps to precipitate and charge the dust particles. Since flow of current is maintained properly, thus it is also known as electrical conductor. Because of the high temperature ranges, these render contraction and expansion without buckling. This is done by their suspension at an end to help them grow for preventing buckling.

Key Points:

  • During heavy industrial application, maintenance of higher voltage results in higher efficiency of precipitator
  • At higher current, sharp point during the current-voltage graph can be observed
  • Available in various shapes such as round, twisted square and square
  • Ruggedly built to have high resistivity against corrosion